CIPA Story: The Exotic Mini Shrimp in Bogor Barat Area has released a portal online news that thoroughly explores aquascape in the West Bogor area.

They are both raw products (fish, shrimp, snails, crabs, and aquatic plants) and supporting products such as technology, cultured methods, economics, and social wisdom.

Water Fall in Gunung Salak

Bogor Barat was chosen because it has landscape features namely in the form of mountains consisting of some mountains namely Gunung Salak, Gunung Gede, Gunung Pangrango, and Gunung (Gunung is mean Mountain in Bahasa / Indonesian Language).

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The area certainly has lush vegetation, a river with clear water that is pollution-free, and is supported by a farmer traditional Sunda culture that love is very loving and preserving nature.

Around in Gunung Salak

In addition, Bogor Barat is an area in the Bogor Regency region which will be prepared into a new administrative area to become Bogor Barat Regency.

Through this CIPA it is hoped that Bogor Barat can shows its existence in relation to contribution to the whole world.

Welcome Board of Gunung Bunder Area

CIPA itself is a rubric at which focuses on economic resources based on natural resources in Bogor Barat Area

CIPA stands for Central Indonesian Product  of Aquascape which will help the readers from around the world to surf and explore the biodiversity of aquascape products the people behind him.

One of the aquascape products in West Bogor is a Red Cherry Shrimp type. This shrimp is characterized by its size, small or mini with a striking color.

Red Cherry Shrimp in Moss

This shrimp entered Bogor Barat since 2004 or 16 years ago in the region Gunung Bunder which is located under the around of Gunung Salak is included in the administrative area of ​​Pamijahan District.

This shrimp is cultured by local farmers around the creek and swampland in Gunung Salak location. This shrimp characteristic has a body length of 1.2 -1.7 cm.

Its lives in temperature 180C – 220C which tends to be cold so it naturally develops in mountainous regions as it does in Cisalada.

The reason they are raising shrimp is the price is expensive, easily cultivated, feed cheaper, and can function as a pest cleaner in the moss plant (wild algae that stick to the moss).

Sunda: The indigenous tribe in West Java Province including Bogor Barat area

Next episode, economically and marketing strategy of tropical mini shrimp

*CIPA Contributed by Hezarfen & Suman